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COST norðurlendskur kunningarfundur

týsdagur 23.04.2024, kl. 12:00, ZOOM

Norðurlendskur kunningarfundur um COST verður á zoom frá kl. 12:00 til 14:30 føroyska tíð.

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12:00 Welcome and introduction
Dr Mickael Pero, COST Deputy Head of Science Operations Unit

12:05 What is COST?
Ms Salomé Moezzi-Gacon, COST Governance Officer

12:20 How to join and participate in a COST Action?
Dr Fatima Bouchama, COST Science Officer

12:35 How to submit a new COST Action proposal?
Dr Fatima Bouchama, COST Science Officer

13:00 Which activities are funded?
Ms Carmencita Malimban, COST Administrative Officer

13:20 Break

13:25 What are the benefits of participating in a COST Action? Successful COST stories and testimonials by Nordic COST participants.
Ms Alin Aké Kob and Prof Rúnar Unnþórsson
COST CNCs and COST researchers from Nordic countries

14:05 Q&A

14:30 End of the event