PhD theses

Faroese researchers have completed several PhD projects in the Faroe Islands and abroad, and foreign researchers have written PhD projects in the Faroe Islands or about Faroese topics.

Several of these PhD theses can be found here:

Carlsen, Toke Meier: Operator Algebraic Applications in Symbolic Dynamics
Copenhagen University, 2004

Eliasen, Kirstin: Sandeel, Ammodytes spp., as a link between climate and higher trophic levels on the Faroe shelf
Aarhus University, 2013

Fielding, Russel: Artisanal whaling in the Atlantic: A coprarative study of culture, conflict, and conservation in St. Vincent and the Faroe Islands
Louisiana State University, 2010

Fängström, Britta: Human Exposure to Organohalogen Compounds in the Faroe Islands
Stockholm University, 2005

Gaini, Shahin: New Markers for Infection and New Methods in Evaluation of the Inflammatory Status in Patients with Sepsis
University of Southern Denmark, 2008

Gylfe, Åsa: Role of birds in the biology of Lyme disease Borrelia
Umeå University, 2001

Haahr, Jørgen Thorlund: Reactive Robustness and Integrated Approaches for Railway Optimization Problems.
DTU 2015

Hjøllum, Jari í: Antiferromagnetism in YBCO and CoO Nanoparticles
Copenhagen University, 2008

Homrum, Eydna í: The Effects of Climate and Ocean Currents on Faroe Saithe
University of the Faroe Islands, 2012

Hovgaard, Gestur: Globalisation, Embeddedness and Local Coping Strategies: a comparative and qualitative study of local dynamics in contemporary social change
RUC, 2000

Jóansson, Tórður: Brethren in the Faeroes. An Evangelical movement, its remarkable growth and lasting impact in a remote island community
University of Glasgow 2012

Kerins, Seán Patrick: Whaling in the Faroes: Søtur er sjálvgivin biti
Griffith University, 2008

Kočovská, Eva: A population study of risk factors for autism spectrum disorders in the Faroe Islands
University of Glasgow

Lindquist, Ole: Whales, dolphins and porpoises in the economy and culture of peasant fishermen in Norway, Orkney, Shetland, Faroe Islands and Iceland, c.900–1900 A.D., and Norse Greenland, c.1000–1500 A.D.
St. Andrews University, 1995

Mitchinson, John: Danish in the Faroe Islands: A Post-Colonial Perspective
University College London, 2012

Numminen, Lotta: The interplays of histories, economies and cultures in human adaption and settlement patterns: The cases of the Faroe Islands and Greenland
University of Helsinki, 2010

Ofstad, Lise Helen: Anglerfish Lophius piscatorius L. in Faroese waters. Life history, ecological importance and stock status
Tromsø University, 2013

Ólavstovu, Vár í: Mellem tradition og modernitet: Færøskfaget og den færøskfaglige kontekst i national diskurs. En redegørelse og analyse af fagets idé, praksis og reception i det almene gymnasium
University of Southern Denmark,  2010

Singleton, Benedict E.: From the sea to the land beyond: exploring plural perspectives on whaling
Örebro University, 2016

Walker, Richard James: The Structural Evolution of the Faroe Islands, NE Atlantic Margin
Durham University, 2010