Published: 10.03.2020

Urgent need for tailored language courses

International researchers from several countries gathered at the University last Thursday to share and discuss experiences on meeting the Faroese culture and learning Faroese.

The new rector of the University, Chik Collins, informed about his recent experiences on moving from Scotland to the Faroe Islands in August last year to take up his new position. He felt very welcome but learning Faroese was a great challenge and he missed relevant language courses which he could attend.

Assistant Professor of the University, Kalpana Vijayavarathan, also shared her experiences and opinions about moving to the Faroe Islands from India several years ago. She learned Faroese by her own effort after some time. She emphasized the importance of keeping her own identity while integrating in a new society.

Elisabeth Holm, International Coordinator at the University, informed about her PhD project on integration and language learning by immigrants to the Faroe islands.

Several participants of the meeting shared their experiences on meeting the Faroese culture and pointed out difficulties in learning Faroese.

The conclusion was that the language courses offered by the authorities are far from adequate. Foreigners are expected to learn Faroese but the options to learn the language are not fulfilling.

Researchers and other employees who come to the Faroe Islands to work need language courses tailored for everyday use at hours which they can attend. Especially digitalized tools are highly needed.