Published: 17.10.2022

The Research Council publishes Gender Equality Plan

The Research Council Faroe Islands has published an “Action Plan for Gender Equality and Diversity”, formulating key principles, objectives, and measures to promote equal opportunities for and participation of women and men in the professional life at the RCFI. This includes the promotion of equal representation of women and men, the avoidance of gender-specific disadvantages, the filling of job openings on equal terms oriented on the quality of the applicants at all qualification and employment levels, and the optimization of the reconciliation of work and family for the employees of the RCFI.

In research – as well as everywhere – the principle of equality is essential. This includes equal opportunity to develop personal abilities, pursue a professional career, equal access to resources and power, representation as well as respect.

Equality benefits all, regardless of gender, background or other personal traits. Gender equality is a human right and precondition to social justice. It brings significant economic, social and health benefits, and it is a precondition for the prevention of violence.

To achieve gender equality in the workplace, organisations firstly need to understand the importance of gender equality. Second, they need to identify where change is needed, followed by a plan and implementation of actions that will achieve progress. All of these aspects are included in the RCFI’s Action Plan for Gender Equality and Diversity.

In addition to the gender aspect, the RCFI’s Action Plan also highlights the residency of its employees, applicants, external reviewers, and other individuals with a professional relation to the Council. This is to highlight the EU’s principle of reciprocity in research and research funding.

The European Union also stresses the importance of gender equality in research. With the launch of Horizon Europe in 2021, organisations applying for Horizon Europe funds are required to have a gender equality plan (GEP) in place. For the calls with submission deadlines in 2022 and beyond, the GEP eligibility criterion will apply to all public bodies, such as research funding bodies, national ministries, and other public authorities, higher education institutions, and research organisations in EU Member States as well as associated countries.

In this context, the RCFI has taken the initiative to provide a guide for Faroese organisations to develop their own GEP, highlighting official requirements, recommendations, and procedures, in addition to suggestions on setup, basic elements, and concrete measures.

The results of the data collection, the objectives and measures are to be incorporated into the ongoing efforts at the RCFI to reach equality and diversity at our institution. This first Action Plan for Equality and Diversity of the RCFI covers the period 2022-2025.

The RCFI’s Action Plan for Gender Equality and Diversity is available in English here.