Published: 03.03.2007

The Research Council has employed two NCPs

In the beginning of March the Faroese Research Council hired two new employees. They are employed to work with the European framework programmes furthering the international dimension of Faroese research. Ms. Kristianna Winther Poulsen and Mr. John D. Olsen are part of the European network for third countries national contact points in relation to FP7.
Their work will consist in assisting, informing and advising the Faroese research community in relation to the European framework programmes. In the beginning phase it is envisaged that part of their time will be spent getting to know the diverse parts of the research community in the Faroes and to get a first hand knowledge of the Seventh Framework Programme.
This is considered to be a significant step towards furthering the international dimension of Faroese research.
Contact details:
Kristianna Winter Poulsen
Email: Kristianna[at]
Phone: +298 567801
John D. Olsen
Email: john[at]
Phone: +298 567802