Published: 21.05.2021

Scientific Film Show on Culture Night

The University of the Faroe Islands and Research Council Faroe Islands will arrange a film show on Culture Night, June 4th. The artistic scientific film “Almost Human: Notes on the human conditions by 10 scientists and a robot” will be shown in Kongshøll at the western wharf in Tórshavn.

“Almost Human” is a work of art building bridges between arts and sciences in its dealing with topics like artificial intelligence, robot technology, climate change, origin of the planet, fake news etc.

Producer of the film is Jeppe Rønde, narrator is Stephen Fry, and the Carlsberg Foundation has funded the film which was first shown at the documentary festival CPH:DOX last year.

- It has become clear that science is of utmost importance for our welfare and capacity to handle serious situations. The aim of the Carlsberg Foundation is to strengthen science and critical decisions based on scientific evidence. Therefore we have now made the decision that everybody in Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland, should have the opportunity to see “Almost Human” without charge,” Professor and Committee Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Flemming Besenbacher, said.

The film “Almost Human” will be shown in Kongshøll on June 4th at 5 pm and again at 7 pm. It will be presented by Faroese scientists.