Published: 02.02.2021

Scientific Article on Elimination of Covid 19

A team consisting of 11 researchers in the Faroe Islands have published a new scientific article on Covid 19 in the Faroe Islands.

The article has been published in the scientific magazine Emerging Infectious Diseases and is called "Epidemiology and Clinical Course of First Wave Coronavirus Disease Cases, Faroe Islands".

The article analyzes how the Faroe Islands as one of the first countries in the world succeeded in eliminating the first wave of Covid 19 after 187 cases had been reported from March 3rd to April 22nd, 2020.

Even with the high incidence rate in early March, the Faroe Islands managed to eliminate the first wave of COVID-19 through early use of contact tracing, quarantine, social distancing, and large-scale testing.

The research project was financially supported by the COVID-19 initiative of Research Council Faroe Islands.

The scientific article on the first wave of Covid 19 in the Faroe Islands can be read here.