Published: 18.03.2022

Resolution on the Programme Agreement adopted by the Parliament of the Faroe Islands

The Parliament of the Faroe Islands has today unanimously passed the resolution on the new Multi Programme Agreement, which allows the Faroe Islands to join all EU programmes open to non-EU countries.

In addition, the protocol which ensures association of the Faroe Islands to Horizon Europe has been adopted.

The Foreign Affairs committee of the Parliament is pleased with the prospect of good future scientific collaboration and emphasized in its report the importance of good working conditions for researchers when preparing proposals. In this regard, the parliament committee recommends improving the administrative conditions at the University of the Faroe Islands.

The parliamentary resolution is an important step towards full association of the Faroe Islands to Horizon Europe.

Once the Parties have notified each other of the completion of their internal procedures, they will proceed to the signing of the Agreement, which shall apply retroactively from 1 January 2021.

Scientific relations between the Faroe Islands and the European Union have developed strongly since the Faroe Islands’ first association to an EU R&I Framework Programme (FP7) in 2010. They constitute a major pillar of the bilateral relations with the EU.

The new Multi Programme Agreement enables the Faroe Islands to become a participating country in any EU programme open to non-EU countries and relevant to the Faroe Islands. It is already expected that the Faroe Islands will join the Erasmus+ and the Creative Europe programmes, and others might follow.