Published: 10.11.2020

New Marine Research Vessel Handed to Owner

The new research vessel of the Faroe Marine Research Institute has been handed to the owner. The new marine research vessel has been named Jákup Sverri in honour of Jákup Sverri Joensen, the first marine biologist in the Faroe Islands and former director of the Faroe Marine Research Institute.

Jákup Sverri is the Faroe Marine Research Institute´s fourth research vessel and the first to be built specifically for this purpose.

Jákup Sverri is meant to replace the old research vessel, Magnus Heinason. It will be put into use when it has been properly registered, awaiting a decision on whether to register as a fishing vessel or a merchant vessel.

Jákup Sverri is a very advanced vessel, equipped for research on marine environment and fish stocks as well as seismic surveys. The ship is most likely the most noiseless vessel in the world.

The hull of the ship has been built in Lithuania. The rest of the work has been done at MEST in Skála, Faroe Islands.

Image: (c) Adrian Dalsá