Published: 23.01.2017

New Faroese EURAXESS portal

EURAXESS Faroe Islands have just launched a new portal. The portal can be seen on

The portal contains a lot of relevant information for researchers who consider moving to the Faroe Islands to work. It has information on e.g. taxation, entry conditions and other practical issues in connection with moving to the Faroe Islands. The portal also has description on the Faroese research landscape.

The Faroese EURAXESS portal is now a more integrated part of the European EURAXESS portal. The European portal was revamped in December and has a lot of new databases and functions designed for researchers, research institutes and business.

A job portal with thousands of research jobs throughout Europe is an essential part of the EURAXESS portal. Faroese research institutes can advertise jobs for free on the portal, and Faroese researchers have the opportunity to publish their CV´s on the portal.

EURAXESS is a European service which makes it easier for researchers to move between countries in Europe for a shorter or longer period to work. 40 European countries are part of the EURAXESS network.

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