Published: 03.10.2007

New Director

The Faroese Research Council has decided that Mrs. Annika Sølvará will replace Mrs. Rúna Hilduberg, as director of the Research Council.


Annika Sølvará is 38 years old, and comes from a position as administrative director at the University of the Faroe Islands, where she as been since 1998. Her position at the university has given her relevant and valuable experience in matters of research, both as far as the national and as well as the international dimension is concerned. She has a M.A. from the University of Aarhus.


The new director will lead the work for the Research Foundation (Granskingargrunnin), whose overall goal is to further Faroese research capacities.


The Council is very pleased to be able to appoint Annika Sølvará with her professional qualifications as the new director. Annika Sølvará will start working in the beginning of December.