Published: 18.03.2008

New database - fast track to Faroese R&D

The Faroese Research Council is now launching an R&D Database to make R&D workers in the Faroe Islands and Faroese R&D workers abroad more visible.

The ambition is to give researchers, developers, institutions, media etc. an easy access point to the wide range of work done in the R&D field in the Faroe Islands and/or on Faroese subjects. Here it is possible to find new project partners, recruit people for new jobs, find teachers, peers, specialists to comment on a hot topic etc.

The R&D Database consist of over 200 persons, mostly in the Faroe Islands, but also in Denmark, Norway, USA, Great Britain etc. There are 70% men and 30% women in the database.

82 people are registered with a PhD or doctoral degree. In most cases the thesis title, University and year of disputation is also registered.

People are registered in the main areas of Natural Science and Technology (approx. 50%), Humanities and Social Sciences, Development and Life Science.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of people, whom we have missed in the first phase. If you are missing somone or there are errors, please contact us at or by phone +298 567800.