Published: 21.03.2014

Mobility Guide for Foreign Researchers

The Faroese Research Council has published a mobility guide for foreign researchers who are interested in coming to the Faroe Islands to work. The mobility guide is a part of the Faroese EURAXESS services aiming to make it easier for researchers to move to and from the Faroe Islands.

The mobility guide offers information on entry condtions, employment conditions, taxation, health security and other issues which researchers need to be aware of when moving to another country to work.

The guide also offers information on the Faroese research landscape and general information on the Faroe Islands.

The mobility guide is meant for researchers but other foreigners moving to the Faroese Islands may also find it useful.

The guide contains 65 pages and is in English only. It can be downloaded as a pdf-file on

Dagmar Joensen-Næs, EURAXESS coordinatoi, has edited the book, and Annika Sølvará, director of the Faroese Research council, has written the preface. The book has been printed at Føroyaprent.