Published: 02.03.2022

Marine Research Launched

Marine researchers from Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark who have received funding for marine research in the North Atlantic have now started their work. Around 30 researchers and members of the committee who grants funding from the Marine Research fund gathered this week in Tórshavn to kick off the programmes.

Four programmes received funding from the first call of the Marine Research programme. The titles of the programmes are Blue Ocean, COPS, TOPLINK og FjordProcess. The programmes will focus on blue whiting, zooplankton, marine top predators and Faroese fjords.

At the kickoff meeting in Tórshavn the programme leaders gave a presentation on the research programmes, and the participants discussed cooperation potentials between the programmes.

The participants also visited Bakkafrost, the leading salmon farming company in the Faroe Islands, and the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroe Islands. They also had the opportunity to see the new Faroese research vessel Jákup Sverri and the even newer Greenlandish research vessel Tarajoq which is in port in the Faroes at the moment.

The Marine Research Programme of the North Atlantic Ocean is financed by the Danish government. The next call will be announced on March 31st. The deadline for application will be on August 25th.