Published: 20.06.2019

Important for international researchers to learn Faroese

Working conditions and collaboration possibilities in the Faroe Islands are good, and the society is safe and generally open. These were some of the conclusions made by international researchers at a panel meeting organized by EURAXESS Faroe Islands on June 6th.

Several conditions were pointed out, however, who could make life easier and better for international researchers. Researchers from countries outside the Nordic region stated that regulations regarding work permits are too strict. It takes a long time to get a work permit, and the waiting time is unsecure and frustrating for the researchers and their families.

The international researchers also emphasized that it is necessary to learn Faroese in order to function in the society but the language lessons offered are far too limited.

They also mentioned that colleagues at research institutes are friendly and eager to help if they ask for information but it is not always easy to know who to ask or what to ask. It would be a great help if they could get personal guidance on formal and practical issues from a colleague for some time after arriving.

In general there is a need for better information on practical issues at work, in schools and elsewhere. The researchers pointed out that it is sometimes difficult to know what you are expected to do as many things are understated in the Faroe Islands.

The EURAXESS services based at Research Council Faroe Islands aims at providing information and guidance to researchers who want to move to the Faroe Islands on a wide range regarding the transition.

The panel meeting organized by EURAXESS Faroe Islands was attended by key staff at the research institutes, international researchers and representatives from the Immigration Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Tórshavn municipality. At the meeting three international researchers explained why they had come to the Faroe Islands, what the tranisition had been like, and how it was to work and live in the Faroe Islands compared to other countries.

EURAXESS Faroe Islands will follow up shortly on several issues which were raised at the panel meeting.

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