Published: 04.06.2014

Grants given for 13 new research projects

The Research Committee decided on a meeting on May 26 to give grants to 13 research projects in 2014. A total of DKK 6,861,761 have been granted to project in the areas of Humanity, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Health Sciences.

These projects have received grants from the Research Foundation in 2014:


Hans Harryson: General Didactic Part of Teachers´ Education
Ph.d. project at the Department of Education at the University of the Faroe Islands
DKK 497,000

Ann Sølvia Lydersen Jacobsen: Burials and Landscape in the Faroe Islands during the Viking Age
Ph.d. project at the University of Aberdeen
DKK 1,122,903

Natural Sciences

Ása Johannesen: Personality of Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) and how this affects their use as cleaner fish
Project at the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes
DKK 651,000

Anni Djurhuus: Microbial Communities Structure and Ecology on Seamounts at the Southwest Indian Ridge
Ph.d. project at Oxford University
DKK 298,765

Agnes Mols Mortensen: Saccharina latissima from spore to dinner plate: effects of seasonal variation, nutrient availability and current/wave exposure on quality and growth Saccharina latissima
Project at Tari - Faroe Seaweed
DKK 645,752

Louise Meier Carlsen: Investigation and development of mathematics teacher knowledge on the use of CAS in the teaching of school algebra
Ph.d. project at the Department of Education at the University of the Faroe Islands
DKK 212,760

Maria Dam: Establishment of analysis capabilities at the Research Centre iNova; Analyses of perfluorinated compounds in fish
Project at the Environment Agency, the University of the Faroe Islands, the Faroese Food and Veterinary Agency and several private companies at iNOVA
DKK 648,000

Hans Atli Dahl: Sequencing the North Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)genome and development of a genetic stock management tool. The Hergen 2014 project.
Project at Amplexa Genetics and iNOVA
DKK 500,000

Social Sciences

Hermann Oskarsson: Persistent inefficient redistribution in small resource dependent economies
Project at the Department of History and Social Sciences at the University of the Faroe Islands
DKK 340,000

Health Sciences

Magni Mohr: Fatigue and recovery kinetics in different muscle groups after repeated football match-play
Project at Gøteborg University
DKK 218,550

Amanda Gratton Vang: A preclinical study of Phosphodiesterase 8A as a therapeutic target for
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Project at the National Hospital
DKK 533,401

Jónrit Halling: DHA intake in pregnancy and cognitive and neurobehavioural outcomes in the offspring
Project at the Department of Occupational Medicine
DKK 193,650

Rudi Kollslíð: Hereditary hypercholesterolemy in the Faroe Islands
Ph.d. project at the National Hospital
DKK 1,000.000

The Research Council received 48 applications for a total of 37 millions DKK this year.

The members of the Research Committee appreciated that the professional quality of the applications has improved considerably in recent years. They agreed that there were several very good projects that could be funded if there were more funds available.

The next deadline for application for funds from the Research Foundation is expected to be on February 15th, 2015, at 12 am.

The deadline for applications for funds for health research from the Health Insurance Fund is on September 1st, 2014, at 12 am.

A total of almost 150 projects have now been funded by the Research Foundation.A list of all funded projects can be seen here