Published: 21.05.2015

Grants given for 10 new research projects

The Research Committee decided on a meeting on May 18 to give grants to 10 research projects in 2015. A total of DKK 6,364,62 have been granted to project in the areas of Humanity, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Food and Health Sciences.

These projects have received grants from the Research Foundation in 2015:

Andriása Dam Joensen: Collaborative learning methods and effects on pupil, learning, achivement and conflict management: A quantitative and qualitative investigation into the application and evaluation of the UK SPRinG project in a Faroese context
PhD Project at UCL Institute of Education, London
DKK 693,087

Natural Sciences
Sólvá Jacobsen: Elucidating the early life history of Faroe Plateau cod and Faroe haddock.
Project at the Faroe Marine Research Institute
DKK 486,375

Debes Christiansen: Re-Emergence of a Virulent Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISAV) in the Faroe Islands.
Project at the Faroese Food and Veterinary Agency
DKK 425,000

Sissal Erenbjerg: The Water Exchange in Sundalagi and Adjacent Fjords: A Model Study
Ph.d. project at the Aquaculture Research Station
DKK 640,000

Debes Christiansen: Identification and in-depth chararcterization of microbiota associated with spontaneously fermented Faroese "skerpikjøt": A pilot study.
Project at the Faroese Food and Veterinary Agency
DKK 80,000

Social Sciences
Runa Preeti Høgnesen: Cross-Border Marriage, Community and Construction of Womanhood – An Analysis of Married Philippine and Thai Women in the Faroe Islands and their Experiences with Inclusion and Exclusion
Ph.d. project at the Department of History and Social Sciences at the University of the Faroe Islands
DKK 1,130,000

Hallbera West: Accountability and Democratic Quality of the Faroese Democratic System
Ph.d. project at the Department of History and Social Sciences at the University of the Faroe Islands
DKK 1,130,000

Health Sciences
Ulrike Steuerwald: New risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus: heterozygosity for Glycogen Storage Disease Type IIIa and non-optimal carnitine levels.
Project at the Department of Occupational Medicine
DKK 520,000

Jan Rasmussen: Primary Carnitine Deficiency in the Faroe Islands – a study of the effect on heart and muscle in patients.
Project at the National Hospital
DKK 260,000

Ester Weihe Jacobsen: Psoriasis - Fænotyper og genotyper - i den færøske befolkning - en befolkningsundersøgelse.
PhD Project at the National Hospital
DKK 1,000,000

The Research Council received 44 applications for a total of 38 mio DKK this year.

The next deadline for application for funds from the Research Foundation is expected to be on February 15th, 2016, at 12 am.

The deadline for applications for funds for health research from the Health Insurance Fund is on September 1st, 2015, at 12 am.

A total of almost 160 projects have now been funded by the Research Foundation. A list of all funded projects can be seen here

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