Published: 12.05.2009

Grants 2009 - application deadline 1 september

Researcers are now invited to apply for grants for research, development and innovation from the Faroese Research Fund

The Research Council has decided to open up for applications from all main research areas in 2009. There willl therefore be no areas that are given priority this year.

The application procedure has also been changed from previous years. Now all applications must be submitted electronically in one single PDF document before 1 september, 12 o'clock local time. The full description on the application procedure and application form and guidelines for download are available on this page.

In 2008 we received 39 applications, applying for 31 mio DKK in total. 12 applications were granted 7,4 mio DKK.

In 2009 7 mio DKK are available for grants.