Published: 17.12.2020

Funds for Marine Research transferred to next call

The applications for the first call in the Programme for Marine Research in the North Atlantic Ocean have been processed. On its meeting 14th December 2020, the Research Board decided not to grant funds for any applications in this round. The decision was based upon recommendation from the Programme Committee.

The submitted applications were evaluated by international peers, and then by the Programme Committee. The Committee found the submitted applications relevant to the call, scientifically valid and quite interesting. Yet the shortcomings of each application were so significant that the Committee found it necessary to recommend to the Research Board that the projects were not funded.

There were 4 million DKK available in this first call round. These funds will be added to the 6 million DDK already allocated to the next call round. The aim is to announce the new call early spring with deadline 4 months later.

Contact: Research Council Faroe Islands – phone +298 567800 – email