Published: 28.12.2023

From Fiskaaling to Firum

Fiskaaling is now named Firum. The limited company Fiskaaling was first established in 1970 and has been a pioneer in Faroese aquaculture industry ever since. The reliable knowledge and good infrastructure, allowing the fish farming companies to optimise their farming and production, is not least thanks to Fiskaaling.  

The name Fiskaaling (lit. fish farming) might indicate that the company itself farms fish, but this is not the case. Our proud mission is to produce knowledge that may prove foundational to sustainable Faroese aquaculture. The company’s name therefore seems misleading, because the words, taken literally, are untrue. 

This is why we are now updating Fiskaaling’s public identity to make it more fitting. An important part of this process is giving Fiskaaling a new name. This new name is Firum. 

The idea for the name was hatched internally as a portmanteau between the Faroese words FIRðir (fjords) and UMhvørvi (environment). Two words, illustrating more than any others, the pillars of the company’s core pursuits. Almost all sea farming is connected to fjords and almost all farmed animal and plant welfare is connected to the environment, and this is what principally drives the company’s research. 

The company’s vision, which is also our slogan, knowledge for sustainable aquaculture, can be appended to the name as needed. 

In all communications the name will be written in accordance with Faroese grammar for proper names. That is, the first letter will be capitalised, and the others will be lower case. Firum. 

The logo is an aquascope 
The device enabling people to look beneath the surface, lifting the veil, and granting knowledge on which to base well-founded decisions. 

This is exactly what Firum does; conducts investigations and research, giving the state and the companies knowledge on which to base decisions. The logo is two squares. They are differently sized, connected by lines, and the smaller is inside the larger. 

The logo gives no hint, as to which square is closer to the viewer. This creates an optical illusion, which encourages curiosity about what the logo truly depicts. Curiosity is a cornerstone of all Firum activities.