Published: 05.04.2024

Four Policy Papers on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security Politics Funded

The first fundings from the new research programme on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence Policy in the North Atlantic have been granted.

The Programme Committee has decided to grant a total of 965,000 DKK to four Policy Papers.

The objective of the Policy Papers is to increase the scientific knowledge foundation in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark, and to form the basis for discussion and debate and further research throughout the duration of the research programme.

Six applications for funding for Policy Papers were received. Funding was granted for:

The Organisation of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Security Policy under Hybrid Sovereignty -  Ulrik Pram Gad, Danish Institute for International Studies
Funding: 250,000 DKK.

The Faroe Islands, Small States and the Allliance Dilemma - Heini í Skorini, Department of History and Social Science, University of the Faroe Islands
Funding: 248,610 DKK

Hybrid Threats in the North Atlantic - Tobias Liebetrau, Center for Military Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen
Funding: 242,125 DKK

Resilient Communication Infrastructures in the North Atlantic - Signe Ravn-Højgaard, The Think Tank for Digital Infrastructures
Funding: 224,556 DKK

The Programme for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security Policy in the North Atlantic is funded by the Danish parliament and administered by Research Council Faroe Islands. In total 15,7 MDKK are allocated for this programm in the period 2023-2026.

In addition to the Policy Papers the will be possible to fund two Research Projects with up to 3 MDKK each this year. The application deadline for Research Projects is May 2nd.

The overarching aim of the programme is to generate new knowledge on Foreign Affairs, Security, and Defence Policy in the North Atlantic. Additionally, the programme aims to promote cooperation between the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Denmark in this field.