Published: 13.06.2012

Evaluation of the Faroe Islands -EU Research Co-operation

On Monday June 11 representatives from EU and the Faroe Islands met in Tórshavn for the first Faroe Islands -EU Research Meeting, as part of the cooperation agreement signed by the parties in June 2010. This joint meeting is to be held at least in a biannual basis.

Mr Laurent Bocherau, Head of Unit and Ms Minna Wilkki, Policy Officer, from the International Cooperation Unit at DG-Research represented the EU. The Faroe Islands were represented by Mr Martin Næs, Head of Department and Ms Kristianna Sjóvará, Advisor, from the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture, Ms Kate Sanderson, Head of Department  at the Faroese Foreign Service, Mr Gunnar Holm-Jacobsen, head of the Faroese Mission in Brussels and Ms Annika Sølvará, Director of the Faroese Research Council.

The parties exchanged views on co-operation and experiences so far. The parties agreed that the cooperation is running smoothly and that applicants from the Faroe Islands have been doing well so far. The success rate for Faroese applicants is relatively higher than for other associated countries.

In connection with the meeting, visits were arranged at the University of the Faroe Islands and the Faroese Marine Research Institute. A number of presentations were given on different aspects of Faroese research, research policy and international cooperation. Professor Bogi Hansen gave a presentation on marine climate research in Faroese waters, with special emphasis on the project NACLIM (North Atlantic Climate), which is funded by FP7.

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