Published: 02.12.2020

EDU-Arctic - a success story has published a new success story, this time in the form of a very interesting interview with Agata Goździk, coordinator of the EDU-ARCTIC project, which is about attracting young people to natural sciences and in particular to polar research.

The partners in the EDU-ARCTIC project came from six institutions from Iceland, Norway, France, Poland and the Faroe Islands.

"The main objective of the EDU-ARCTIC project was to main objective was to incite young people's interest in STEM and make them think about a possible future career in scientific research. The Arctic is a very sensitive region which affects what happens in our latitudes, so, basically, we wanted to show the importance of the Arctic, and raise awareness within society of what is happening right now in this area."

Faroese Geological Survey was partner in this project. One of the results from the participation was published in the article EDU-ARCTIC COMPETITIONS AS AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO INCREASE STUDENT´S INTEREST IN STEM

Competitions combined with field trips organised for students and teachers break the common format of teaching and learning in which knowledge is transferred in traditional way at the premises of schools. Science trips are innovative methods of making the learning processes more attractive and appealing. Moreover, competitions for students may stimulate students’ creativity and help to increase their inventiveness.

Read the Success Story here is coordinated by Rannis, The Icelandic Centre for Research