Published: 10.06.2022

COST Awareness event in Tórshavn

Close to 40 people from both private companies and public institutions attended the COST Awareness event in Kongshøll on June 2nd.

The representatives from COST had taken the journey to the Faroe Islands to provide the community with information about COST Actions, how to join COST networks and the added value when you participate in COST activities.

It can be a challenge to join European consortia. And when your workplace is in the Faroe Islands it can be an even more challenging endeavour. This was a good opportunity for the Faroese community to get to know COST and see this as a way to collaborate internationally with researchers and innovators in a specific field.

Dr. Ronald de Bruin and Dr. Angelo Basteris gave detailed information and examples on how a COST Action works and the extent of the financial support COST can provide.

Participation in COST Action is relevant and can be of huge importance to the active participation in European projects. It is estimated that the participation in a COST Action can increase the success rate substantially.

There are 209 active COST Actions to choose from and 70 new COST Actions will commence in 2022. At the COST Awareness event in the Faroe Islands several Actions relevant to Faroese stakeholder were highlighted.

The Faroe Islands are not member of the COST Association. Hence, participants from the Faroe Islands can join COST Actions with own funding.

During the visit a meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture was on the agenda. The meeting was a fruitful discussion on the next steps paving the way for a closer cooperation between COST and the Faroe Islands.