Published: 28.04.2021

Call uppdate: Marine research in the North Atlantic Ocean 2021

There has been an update in the call text for the Marine research in the North Atlantic Ocean 2021 call.

The Programme Committee has decided to make a change in the Eligibility criteria:
An individual researcher can apply as Project Leader for more than one application under this call. The call text has been changed accordingly.

The focus of the 2021 Call is the Greenland-Iceland-Faroe-Scotland Ridge. Proposals for research on marine processes related, but not limited, to the Ridge are sought. 

The Ridge is an important geographical boundary between the North Atlantic Ocean and the subarctic seas. It is a region of large scientific complexity in most marine disciplines, and a unifying theme for the countries inhabiting it.

A successful project is dedicated to one or more marine disciplines, such as physical, chemical or biological oceanography, including themes such as ocean acidification and climate change, marine ecosystems or biodiversity.

Collaborative project proposals between Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark are being sought.

Proposals that include recruitment (PhDs or Postdocs) are strongly encouraged. A research stay in at least two of the three countries are strongly recommended for the recruitment positions.

The total budget for this call is DKK 16 million, of which one third is to be allocated to projects in Faroese waters, defined as the Faroe Islands Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The maximum amount of funding available per project is DKK 4 million. The aim is to fund four to seven projects. 

The Call for applications with guidelines and details on conditions is available here (updated 27th April 2021).

Applications are to be submitted via the application portal 

The final submission date is June 21st 2021 at 12:00 Faroese time (GMT +1)

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