Published: 14.04.2020

Call for COVID 19 research projects

In April and May 2020, Research Council Faroe Islands announces a call for research proposals related to COVID 19 in the Faroe Islands. The total amount allocated to the call is 3,070,000 DKK, funded by the Research Fund, the Health Insurance Fund, and several private companies.

The Corona disease has raised extraordinary challenges for the whole society. In addition to the medical consequences there are social, economic and structural impacts which are still partially unknown.

There is a massive need for more knowledge which can ease the worst consequences of the epidemic and strengthen the society to meet serious challenges in the future.

Researchers in the Faroe Islands may apply for funding for projects which can start immediately. Funding can be granted for research projects in all fields, for collecting and registering data, and for structuring future research projects.

Funding can also be granted to ongoing projects which can be adapted or extended to cover the COVID-19 situation.

Funds of up to 500,000 DKK can be granted. Funding can cover salary for the applicant and other participants in the project, working expenses, equipment (up to 50,000 DKr.), and administrative expenses (up to 5% of the total budget).

Application requirements

The application must have a detailed description of the project of up to 2 pages in Faroese, Danish or English. It must contain arguments for how it will contribute to improve acute consequences of the epidemic or how it can provide knowledge that will strengthen the society to meet major challenges in the future.

A budget detailing the expected costs for the project and a CV for the project manager, max. 3 pages, must be enclosed.

Salaries must follow official agreements, all expenses must be documented, and report and accounts must be sent to the Research Council after the project is completed. Funding will be transferred to the institution where the project manager is employed.

The application with enclosures must be sent to the Research Council by e-mail to in one pdf-file.

Applicants are adviced to contact the Research Council for individual guidance concerning applications by calling 567800 or sending an email or a message on Facebook.

Applications will be evaluated and answered within a few days.


Update on 14 May 2020 - the call has now ended.