Published: 22.02.2021

Article on behaviour of Salmon Lice

A scientific article on behaviour of salmon louse by Tróndur J. Kragesteen, researcher at the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes, has been published in the international scientific magazine Inter-Research Science.

Managing salmon louse outbreaks in sea cages is a crucial challenge of the aquaculture industry. Treatment management strategies can be optimized with the aid of salmon louse population behaviour models.

Tróndur J. Kragesteen uses e.g. time series of lice data to estimate two essential model parametres: the external infection pressure and the salmon louse population growth rate for each active salmon farm site in Faroe Islands in the period 2011 to 2018.

His research is an important step towards getting control of the salmon louse and at the same time minimizing the negative effect on the environment and the salmon.

The article "Estimation of external infection pressure and salmon-louse population growth rate in Faroese salmon farms" can be freely accessed here.

The authors are Tróndur J. Kragesteen, Knud Simonsen, André W. Visser and Ken H. Andersen.

The article is a result of a PhD project financed by Research Council Faroe Islands.