Published: 15.01.2009

7,4 mio DKK granted for 12 projects

The Research Committee has decided to fund 12 research projects in 2008. Ph.d’s and other projects in the areas of Culture, Nature and Natural Resources, and Health are among the funded proposals.

The Research Council received a total of 39 proposals which applied for 30 millions kr. this year.

29 applications were within the prioritized areas in 2008: Culture, Nature and Natural Resources and Technology. These applied for a total of 26 million kr.

The Research Committee decided that in 2008 almost all the funding should go to the prioritized areas.

Projects funded in 2008:

Project title
Kind of project - Funding

The Old Greek of Ezekiel in the History of Jewish Biblical Interpretation
Kevin Joensen, University of Aberdeen
Ph.d. - 204,000 DKK

Religion still means a lot in the Faroes (På Færøerne betyder religion stadig meget)
Janna Egholm Hansen, The Theological Faculty, University of Aarhus
Ph.d. - 1,325,662 DKK

Comparative studies of children’s socialization in the Faroes (Komparative studier af børns socialisering på Færøerne
Turid Olsen, Department of Psychology and Educational Studies, Roskilde University
Ph.d. - 1,100,000 DKK

Total in Culture
2,629,662 DKK

Iron Biogeochemistry in the high latitude North Atlantic Ocean
Maria Nielsdottir, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, National Oceanography Center, University of Southampton
R&D - 1,000,000 DKK

Anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius) in Fareose waters: distribution, migration, life history and fishery
Lise Helen Ofstad, Faroese Fishing Laboratories (Fiskirannsóknarstovan)
Ph.d - 1,200,000 DKK

Mapping the tidal system energy potential in the Faroe Islands
Knud Simonsen, Faculty of Science and Technology, UFI (Náttúruvísindadeildin)
R&D - 900,000 DKK

Ongoing breeding experiment of the great scallop (Pecten maximus) and examination of prospects of farming the species in the Faroes
Ámundur Nolsø, Kaldbak Laboratory (Havlívfrøðiliga Royndarstøðin)
R&D - 88,332 DKK

Water quality within a group of fish farming cages
Hannes Gislason, Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes (Fiskaaling)
Ph.d. - 715,343 DKK

Total in Nature and Natural Resources
3,903,675 DKK

Traumatization and Psychological Distress among Children and Adolescents
Tóra Petersen, Danish Research Unit of Psychological Trauma, University of Aarhus (Psykiatriski depilin/Århus Universitet)
Ph.d - 463,905 DKK

An epidemiological study of ovarian cancer in the Faroes 1962-2009
Diana Reynstind Main Hospital in the Faroe Islands (Landssjúkrahúsið)
R&D - 20,000 DKK

Research of the genetic factors for autism in a Faroese population (Undersøgelse af den gentisk(e) baggrund for autisme spektrum sygdomme i en færøsk population)
Tormóður Stórá, Psychiatric Centre, Main Hospital of the Faroes (Psykiatriski Depilin, Landssjúkrahúsið)
R&D - 55,000 DKK

Towards the genetic basis of hereditary anosmia in the Faroe Islands
Helena Gásdal Sørensen, Main Hospital of the Faroes/Wilhelm Johannsen Center for functional genome research, University of Copenhagen (Landssjúkrahúsið/Wilhelm Johannsen Centre for functional genome research, Københavns Universitet)
Ph.d. - 295,230 DKK

Total in Health
834,135 DKK

Total in 2008
7,367,472 DKK