Published: 31.08.2020

The mental well-being among Faroese employees during COVID-19

Project leader Annika Helgadóttir Davidsen

Resumé The aim of this project is to uncover, how the social distancing and the isolation in connection with COVID-19 affects the mental working environment and the mental well-being of the employees.Furthermore we want to elucidate how people cope with the new working situation, whose rules are very different from the normal rules.

Project period 01.04.2020-30.06.2021 (Project closed)

Team Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health.

Funding COVID-19 funding from the Research Council.


Publications Article: The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Mental Well-Being and Working Life among Faroese Employees”. Hon er almannakunngjørd í tíðarritinum “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


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