Published: 31.08.2020

Tracing the true prevalence of COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands: COVID-19 dark numbers in the Faroe Islands

Project leader Maria Skaalum Petersen

Resumé The aim of this project is to estimate the true prevalence of COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands by testing the antibody formation in 1000 randomly selected Faroese distributed across the country and in all age groups. The assessment will be done twice - in April and again in October.

Project period 01.04.2020 – 30.11.2020 (Project closed)

Team The Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health, the National Hospital, the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority, the University of the Faroe Islands and the Centre for Health research.

Funding Supported by Lundbeckfonden and the organisation Nótaskip. In-kind funding from the Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health and the other institutions.


Publications Article: Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2–Specific Antibodies, Faroe Islands Maria Skaalum PetersenComments to Author , Marin Strøm, Debes Hammershaimb Christiansen, Jógvan Páll Fjallsbak, Eina Hansen Eliasen, Malan Johansen, Anna Sofía Veyhe, Marnar Fríðheim Kristiansen, Shahin Gaini, Lars Fodgaard Møller, Bjarni Steig, and Pál Weihe. In Emerging Infectious Diseases

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