Faroese participation in Horizon 2020

The Faroe Islands have been part of the European research community on an equal basis as member states and other associated countries since 2010.

In 2014 the Faroe Islands and the European Commission initialled the new research cooperation agreement which makes the Faroe Islands an associated country to Horizon 2020.

List of projects with Faroese participation funded by Horizon 2020:

AquaVitae - Fiskaaling, Ocean Rainforest og Sjókovin

ArcSar - MRCC

AtlantOS - Havstovan

Blue-Action - Havstovan

EURO-BASIN - Havstovan (Ended)

NACLIM - Havstovan (Endes)

EDU-ARTIC - Jarðfeingi

INTERACT - Jarðfeingi

MACRO Cascade - Ocean Rainforest

FarFish - Sjókovin

NextGenProteins - Sjókovin

Clime-Fish - Syntesa

Primefish - Syntesa

REEEM  - Tøkni sp/f

The Faroe Islands also participate in a number of networks under Horizon 2020.

Participation by organizations in the Faroe Islands and all other countries in Horizon 2020 can be seen on the Horizon 2020 Dashboard.