Faroese participation in Horizon 2020

The Faroe Islands have been part of the European research community on an equal basis as member states and other associated countries since 2010.

In 2014 the Faroe Islands and the European Commission initialled the new research cooperation agreement which makes the Faroe Islands an associated country to Horizon 2020.

On the front page, there are links to all the research Institutions in the Faroe Islands. If you are looking for a Faroese partner in a specific field, please feel free to send us an email to We will do our best til assist you.


Below you find a list of projects with Faroese participation funded by Horizon 2020.

MACRO CASCADE - Ocean Rainforest sp/f

PrimeFish - Syntesa sp/f

ClimeFish - Syntesa sp/f

EDU-ARCTIC - Jarðfeingi (Faroese Geologocal Survey)

REEEM - Tøkni sp/f

Blue-Action - Havstovan (Faroe Marine Research Institute)

AtlantOS - Havstovan (Faroe Marine Research Institute)

InteractJarðfeingi (Faroese Geologocal Survey)

ClearSalmonLice - Frama sp/f

TOP III - Granskingarráðið (Research Council Faroe Islands)

On the website it is possible to see the participation by organizations in the Faroe Islands and all other countries in Horizon 2020.