Research Funds

Research Council Faroe Islands calls for research funding applications once a year.

Next application deadline wil lprobably be February 15th 2024 at 12:00 noon GMT.

The 2023 call text read as follows:

Funding may be granted for research:

- carried out by a Faroese researcher, or
- carried out in cooperation with a Faroese research institute, or
- considered significant in a Faroese context

Funding may be granted for basic and applied research: 

- PhD projects
- Projects spanning a minimum of 6 months
- Industrial R&D projects

Advantage is given to projects that strengthen the Faroese Research community with:

- data and lasting knowledge and skills
- cooperation between various researchers/research entities and/or businesses
- international cooperation and mobility


A minimum of 1/3 of the total cost must be covered by sources other than the Research Council. For industrial projects the minimum is 1/2.

The minimum amount available to apply for is 300,000 DKK. There is no set maximum for the budget total, however, funding granted by the Research Council rarely exceeds 1 million DKK for research projects and 1.5 million DKK for PhD projects.

The total amount available for funding in 2022 was 7.5 million DKK.

Please read the full Terms of reference before submitting the application.

Applications must include a thorough project description. Furthermore, the applicant’s academic and scientific qualifications are to be fully specified. Academic qualifications, financial requirements, and other information relevant for the board’s consideration must be documented.

Applications must be written in English and submitted through the application portal.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Research Council Faroe Islands for detailed guidance.

Proviso: The total amount available for funding is conditioned by the State budget appropriation.