Published: 28.09.2020

Management Plan and Risk Assessment

Applications for funding require a Management Plan and a Risk Assessment.

In the Management Plan you are expected to explain the objectives, goals, and planned procedures of the proposed project in detail.

The Management Plan must include a timeline for the various stages of the project including  milestones and deliverables.

Descriptions of the roles and time commitments of personnel and participants involved in the project are also expected.

The Risk Assessment must include considerations on possible threats to the project implementation and suggestions as to handle possible project modifications. 

It is especially important to carefully consider any impact from covid-19. 

Innihaldið er ikki tøkt, tí tað hevur marknaðarførings farspor, sum tú ikki hevur góðtikið. Trýst her fyri at góðtaka marknaðarførings farspor.