Funding programmes

Research Council Faroe Islands administers several funding programmes.

These funding programmes are open at present:

Faroese Research Foundation  

Funding for research from the Faroese Research Foundation is open for applications once a year in mid February.

Funding may be granted for research:

- carried out by a Faroese researcher, or
- carried out in cooperation with a Faroese research institute, or
- considered significant in a Faroese context

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Marine Research in the North Atlantic Ocean

Funding for Marine Research in the North Atlantic Ocean is financed by the Danish government.

The aim of the programme is to generate new knowledge on the marine environment which may contribute to create solutions to challenges like the oceanic heat transport towards the North East Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic, the separation between upper and deeper water masses, growth and recruitment potential for commercially important fish stocks, and acidification of the ocean.

The programme also aims to promote cooperation between the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark on marine research. Only research institutes from these three countries can benefit from the programme.

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Funding for publications

Funding for publication of Faroese scientific work is primarily given to Open Access publication of peer reviewed scientific projects promoting Faroese scientific work.

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Work Life Research

The programme offers funding for research projects on work life in the Faroe Islands. Funded projects must be of gain to the future labour market in the Faroe Islands.

Projects may cover the labour market in general, or aspects relating to employees in a certain industry or field of work.

Only researchers employed at or associated with research institutes in the Faroe Islands can apply for funding. All funding must be used in the Faroe Islands, except expenses for travelling and conferences.

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