Research Council Faroe Islands

Research Council Faroe Islands is a public institute which funds research and innovation from the Faroese national budget and from other sources.

The Research Council provides guidance and advice for applicants seeking funding from sources administered by the council.

The Research Council hosts the Faroese National Contact Point service for Horizon Europe and is Bridgehead Organisation of the Faroese EURAXESS services. It also represents the Faroe Islands in NordForsk and other international cooperations.  

The Research Council informs about research and innovation in a broad perspective and arranges events and workshops.

The Research Council acts as the secretariat for the Council for Research, Development and Innovation which provides the government with strategic consultancy on research, development and innovation.

The Research Council works in close cooperation with Statistics Faroe Islands on producing, collecting and analysing statistics for research and innovation.

Programme Committee

A Programme Committee, appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, is responsible for the national funds for research.

List of committee members

The Secretariat

Postal address: Bryggjubakki 12, P.O. 259, FO-110 Tórshavn.

Telephone: +298 567800


Office hours: 9.00-16.00

List of staff